Thursday, 17 November 2016

Dr Allen Menkin - ADHD in Children and Adults

During his work with children with learning disabilities Dr Allen Menkin observed how attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has been mostly considered a childhood condition, yet many adults carry the symptoms of ADHD with them through their entire lives. Significant impairments that children with ADHD experience on a daily basis stay with them when they grow up. While the responsibilities of adults are different from the demands placed on children, the difficulties that people with ADHD have to deal with don’t change much during their lives. Oftentimes, years of dealing with ADHD makes such people develop a habit of suffering in silence and invent less than optimal coping strategies.

Many people and a significant percentage of medical professionals believe that ADHD is a result of children adapting poorly to the environments in which they grow up. Many parents find comfort in the beliefs that this problem can be outgrown and that different parenting methods can change the condition. Such beliefs are very powerful because there is not enough scientific evidence to prove otherwise. However, over the past several decades researchers have been increasing the number of studies about how ADHD works in adults.

Another issue with ADHD is that for a long time the symptoms of the condition have only been associated and noticed in children. This is not to suggest that adults don’t have problems maintaining attention or don’t act impulsively, but for many years, these symptoms were either considered to be a part of the personality or were explained by other domains, such as Impulsive Personality Disorder, which is something Dr Allen Menkin wouldn’t always agree with.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Dr. Allen Menkin - Anxiety Disorders

While he was building Plaza Family Care, Dr. Allen Menkin was simultaneously setting up and directing the creation of the Allocca Developmental Disabilities Center at St. Clare’s in Denville. Under his direction and guidance, the program grew to the St. Clare’s Mental Health Center. This center deals with everything from Bipolar disorder to ADHD, and many other Anxiety Disorders.

When anxiety disorders interfere with a person's day-to-day activities and impede their ability to function and lead a normal life, they can cause distress. There are many types of anxiety disorders, from panic disorder to social anxiety disorder. Menkin is qualified to help diagnose and treat children and adolescents with these disorders and other specific phobias, like flying or heights.

There are many symptoms of Anxiety disorders, and the symptoms can vary depending on the disorder, but there are some general symptoms to be aware of according to Menkin. If your child happens to be experiencing problems sleeping, feelings of fear, panic or uneasiness, can’t seem to sit still, dizziness, muscle tension, nausea, dry mouth, heart palpitations, shortness of breath or even cold or sweaty hands, they may be experiencing an anxiety disorder.

To diagnose Anxiety disorders, Dr. Allen Menkin starts with an evaluation of the patient, from the medical history to a complete physical exam. As a specialist, he can specifically order certain lab tests to look for underlying medical illnesses that can also cause the symptoms of anxiety disorders. Then he can recommend the appropriate treatment, whether it is a psychologist or drug regime.