Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Dr. Allen Menkin - behavioral pediatrics

After returning from the Army, Dr. Allen Menkin resumed his residency and was allowed to start a program that drew on Hematology, Psychiatry and Pediatric Neurology. He started in the NYC public school system to develop in the field of behavioral medicine and learning disabilities. After completing his residency and pediatric internship at NYU/Bellevue hospital he went on to found Plaza Family Care Inc.

Menkin trained to both diagnose and treat neurological and mental health disorders. This means that he worked  with children who had disorders or problems that ranged from mildly disrupting to life-threatening. Often children, adolescents and their families are affected by the behavioral problems and they can lead to problems with development in many areas, from pediatric chronic illnesses to other disabling conditions. He has even worked with children that have behavioral disorders that include oppositional-defiant disorder, depression, conduct problems and anxiety disorders, as well as, Tourette syndrome, tics and other habit disorders.

As a developmental-behavioral pediatrician, Menkin has advanced specialty training in the behavioral, emotional, physical and social development of children. He worked with a team of qualified professional at Plaza Family Care to provide an in-depth perspective. Furthermore, a developmental pediatrician can suggest additional testing or other therapists or specialists that may help.

Dr. Allen Menkin believes that this results in a comprehensive evaluation with a plan of treatment that will allow children to make progress and clarify complex issues. The bottom line is that a pediatric specialist can be very beneficial for children who are struggling in almost any area.