Monday, 17 October 2016

Dr. Allen Menkin - Medical economics

Dr. Allen Menkin has a bachelor's degree from Drew University and a MS from Rutgers the State University. He then went on to obtain his MD from The Bowman Gray/Wake Forest University School of Medicine and his postgraduate training at Bellevue Hospital/NYU Medical Center. All of his schooling and experience has taught him a lot about medical or health economics, which has allowed him to become familiar with issues like effectiveness, efficiency, value and behavior in the healthcare industry.

As a health economist, Menkin studies the functioning of healthcare systems and health-affecting behaviors such as childhood violence. He was there to respond to the devastation caused by the Columbine High School shooting and many other shootings that ensued. Menkin wanted to help prevent more childhood violence and started the foundation called Stand Up For Children.

In health care, uncertainty is always present and impacts the health of patients. Plus, there is a knowledge gap that exists between the doctors and patients that creates a situation that puts the physician at an advantage. Menkin is hoping to bridge this gap with different health care initiatives and programs. He works with families to provide wellness and nutrition programs that predate current public health interests.

Dr. Allen Menkin believes that medical economics are important, especially in the healthcare industry where many externalities arise, from infectious diseases to pediatric care. That’s why he provides 24/7 physician availability at Plaza Family Care, for both adults and children for nearly a half century in Warren County.